Incredible Design Ideas For Wood Fencing

Increasingly, instead of massive and monumental brick and stone fences, ordinary people choose wooden fences and house fences: photos of successful examples make it possible to make sure of the exceptional attractiveness of such a solution. It is the tree that is considered to be the material that is able not only to guarantee protection from encroachment but also to look not too frightening.

Features of Wooden Fencing

Fences and fences made of wood can be considered a traditional option for our society. The abundance of wood and its cheapness make it possible to use this material for not even very wealthy people. But in the western countries the tree, on the contrary, is considered a sign of the consistency and success of the owners of the house or plot. This fence today is not only a status, but also elegance, ecology, and modernity of the general style solution.

The choice in favor of a fence made of wood is often based on one of the factors:

  • Eco-friendliness. In the modern age of technology, artificial materials, and polluted environment, each person seeks to surround himself with the safest materials. Wood is the optimal solution for those who care about the health of their family members.

  • Ease of care. A wooden fence is that part of the household that not only will not require special attention but will also make you feel like a creator in the process of caring for it. The skills of carpentry will help to replace the plank if necessary, and the ability to hold a brush in hand will allow you to renew the color of the fence and make it more elegant.

  • Beautiful wooden fences for the home are also practical. Employees are reliable protection from both bad weather and from prying eyes, such fences with proper care will last for more than one year. The tree is the universal material that can be useful in any situation: for example, as a fence for the yard, as a border between summer cottages, in the form of dividing the garden into zones.

Tip: In order for the fence to last as long as possible, you should choose the most durable and reliable wood species: for example, oak, ash, larch. It is also important to take into account the specific humidity and composition of the soil.

  • Harmony – the main thing that distinguishes a wooden fence from metal or stone. A lively and pleasant material fits perfectly into the environment, and if you have the skills, a fence of it can be turned into a work of art.

No less important factors, which should also be taken into account, are its relatively low cost (for example, in comparison with a similar product made of metal or brick) and ease of installation. It is possible to protect the site with such a fence in a short time even without the use of experienced masters.

The Most Frequent Types

Choosing a wooden fence for a private house, each responsible owner makes a complete picture for himself: which fences are to be built, which ones are the most reliable, what is the cost of erecting a particular type of fence. Specialists distinguish the following types of wooden fences, suitable for use as fencing:

A classic fence is a solid canvas, consisting of tightly fitted boards, which can be placed both vertically and horizontally. The classical version of the fence can be strengthened with a foundation of bricks and stone, and also use pillars of wood, metal or stone as its base.

The stockade consists of vertically installed and tightly fitted logs. To ensure maximum strength and increase the life of the log, it is recommended to install the log on the foundation, and not in the soil. This kind of fencing looks quite aggressive and is suitable for active protection of property against encroachments, which is especially favored by sharply sharpened tops of logs.

The fence is a traditional country option, which can be as light or as close as possible. This kind of fences is often used not only as a protection but also as a decoration for the site. The variant “chessboard”, as one of the most common types of fence, is very popular due to its versatility and practicality. Both sides of this fence are facial, which significantly increases its attractiveness, and securely fastened in staggered order to the base the strips form a dense web.

Tip: The fence can be an extremely original and attractive fence since it allows you to choose the optimal pattern, the distance between the laths and the shape of the upper edge.

Herringbone or ladder. The fencing boards are mounted horizontally on each other, and the use of special gaskets ensures excellent ventilation with the full opacity of the blade.

The grating is considered to be the most decorative kind of fence. Located crosswise, at an angle of 45 degrees, or twisted straps in a classic frame for braids look almost a work of art. This type of fence is often used as a support for weaving and climbing plants.

Tip: To give this fence a more expressive appearance, designers recommend using a combination of several variants of the arrangement of laths on one canvas.

A wooden fence in the style of a cowboy ranch is a specific kind of fence, which is more suitable for delimiting a territory or controlling access to a certain part of a site of people or animals. The horizontally arranged bars look exotic and are suitable for use in large areas.