What Is Pergola Means In Landscape Design?

“Pergola” – an architectural term with Italian roots, which has long migrated to landscape design.

Literally “pergula” is translated from Italian as a canopy or extension. And indeed, this is its feature, since it can be executed as an extension to the main building, and as a stand-alone structure.
If you look into the “heart” of the pergola, you can see that this is not a gazebo, nor a lattice for climbing plants. This is a composite construction of repeating sections (pillars, columns, arches) connected by cross bars, tightly twisted by plants.

The pergolas in the garden area have many tasks:

  • Support for climbing plants;
  • Protection from the scorching sun;
  • Decoration of a recreation area, creation of a cozy green corner;
  • Decorating the garden

The type of pergola that will appear on your site should be chosen depending on what tasks will be set before it. In one we define exactly, whatever it is, it will be a support for climbing plants.

pergola design ideas

So, consider the options:

Design Ideas For Pergola


This kind of pergola can be adjacent to the house, although this is not necessary. Due to its design it can become a canopy for a playground or for a car, it can completely replace the arbor and be used as a summer place for food (the only “but” – from the rain there will not be saved).
This pergola creates a pleasant partial shade, it is easily blown by a breeze, in one word “Viva, Italia!”.

what is a pergola


One name makes it clear that this kind of pergola will make it possible to achieve privacy where it is needed. It is convenient to arrange it along the fence, moving away from neighboring eyes. It is also good for zoning space, to separate, for example, the sports ground from a garden, decorated in the style of the Victorian era.

pergola ideasVisor

This greetings from the hot south, almost all southern houses have a canopy, wrapped in grapes, which shades the windows on the south side.

Tunnel. It consists of a number of arches with a common guide. It is usually located above the path. Maybe it’s just her adornment, but can hide something (for example, a garden or farm buildings) leaving, so to speak, this behind the scenes.

Still, we should not forget that the pergola is an element of landscape design, and therefore its appearance should fit well into the overall ensemble of the site, including the architecture of the house. For example, a pergola of rough poles is unlikely to look good against the backdrop of a house in high-tech style, but it will add color to rural-type buildings.

Tips on Pergola Installation

There are basic principles that should not be neglected when installing a pergola on your site:

1. In order to create a sense of peace and solitude, the pergola should look easy, regardless of the materials from which it is made.pergola design

2. Comparability of the dimensions of the construction with the size of the plot – a small pergola in a large garden will be lost, large in a small one – will create a heap.

3. The design should be strong, as the climbing plants develop at a rapid pace, becoming heavy and massive. Also it is necessary to think over the project well, because the pergola has a large sail, so its height should not exceed 2.5 m, and it would be good to install it taking into account the wind rose.

4. It must be remembered that in winter the pergola will be devoid of green decoration, which means that all flaws (if any) will be visible. So it is better to take care of its decorative qualities in advance, so that the aesthetic pleasure from its contemplation lasts all year round.

5. If the structure is made of wood, then it must be regularly treated with antiseptic solutions, because due to watering (and not only!), Excessive humidity occurs. By the way, in the case of metal, treatment is also necessary to avoid corrosion.

Sections for pergolas can be bought in a specialized store and assembled by yourself, you can order a ready-made design from specialists, you can do it completely with your own hands, the main thing is that it brings joy to you and your loved ones.