Design Ideas For Stylish-Looking Trellis

Today we will talk about trellis – a useful construction that not only helps grow curly plants, but also makes your garden extremely beautiful, light and delicate. In this article I will tell you about what form a trellis can have, how to make it independently, and why and how it can be used.

What is a trellis

So, the trellis is a lattice construction that serves as a vertical support for various plants: grapes and clematis, roses and others… Apart from practical functions, made in unusual decorative forms of trellis itself will become a beautiful stylish garden ornament that can be made from Wood, metal and even plastic – it’s up to you.

Trellis as an element of garden decor became popular a few centuries ago. Along with all sorts of small architectural forms, the trellis served, and still serves today, an original garden ornament.

The first trellises began to appear in the parks and gardens of France, England and Italy in the XVII century.

Today, the trellis is also an integral part of the design of the garden plot, it is effectively used in vertical gardening – any climbing plant looks brighter on it, and, importantly, feels better, which means it looks healthier and more beautiful.

Design Ideas

In addition, it is with the help of trellises that you can successfully hide various unsightly places in the garden – an old fence, or, for example, curves, ugly walls of outbuildings.

And with the help of a horizontally installed trellis, you can build a beautiful roof in the gazebo.

Of several interconnected trellis, you can get a beautiful gazebo, as, for example, in the photo below.


Also, properly installed trellis will help you hide from prying eyes in the shade of beautiful climbing plants, because with its help you can create not only a stylish gazebo, but also an excellent patio. To do this, just protect your resting place from three sides with trellises and plant fast-growing climbing plants, for example, wild grapes, highlanders, decorative beans – dolichos or Ipomoea.

And anyway, any garden in which there are such extraordinary “living partitions”, like trellises, will look more voluminous and interesting.

Undoubtedly, despite the beautiful aesthetic appearance, the trellis, first of all, performs practical functions: it supports the shoots of grapes and raspberries, it serves as an excellent support for climbing plants (clematis, wisteria and others), without which the beauty of the garden will be some incomplete , Unfinished.