Wonderful Patio Decorating Ideas On a Low Budget

The patio is an equipped cozy place for rest, surrounded by a hedge. The patio is not new, it served as an architectural element for the ancient Roman rich. Patios are common in the countries of the Mediterranean and Latin America, where the sunshine and warmth all year round. The patio looks like a terrace, but it’s two different designs.

Patio ideas with fire pit on a budget

Terrace – is an integral part of the house, is above the ground and has limitations in the form of lattices. The patio is part of the local area. With the development of landscape design, the patios gained popularity. This is an excellent alternative to the living room for the reception of guests in the open air in the warm season, surrounded by flowers and nature.

How to design patio area with fireplace

For reception of visitors in a patio place:

  • Large round table
  • Comfortable armchairs
  • Canopy
  • B-B-Q
  • Fireplace
  • Barbecue
  • And even a swimming pool

Small backyard patio ideas

The arrangement of the inner courtyard along the perimeter of the house ensures the extension of the house area.

Types of modern patio

Patio are:
– angular (in structures “P” or “G” -shaped form
– multilevel;
– balcony;
– Patio with barbecue;
– at the back wall of the house;
– front doors in front of the entrance;
– Patio-solarium.
The arrangement of the inner courtyard along the perimeter of the house ensures the extension of the house area.

How to design patio garden

Pros of the corner patio “P” or “G” -shaped shape:
– the patio is protected from several sides
– Guests can get out of the patio to the living room and other rooms.
A patio with a swimming pool or artificial pond, combined with the luscious greenery of the country landscape, is the ideal of a country holiday. Install a canopy over the patio. He protects in inclement weather from dampness, and in hot from direct hit of solar beams.

Do it yourself concrete patio designs

The front patio is decorated with:
– a miniature fountain;
– the original Alpine hill;
– gypsum or bronze statues;
– flower beds;
– A stylish fence.

Non-standard solutions for small patios

A great solution for a plot with a small area is a multi-level patio, a balcony patio or a patio on the roof. To arrange recreation areas in them, consult the builders beforehand.

How to design patio lighting

In the patio with barbecue you can bake meat, vegetables, fish and cook. Pick up the equipment, complement the welcoming corner with wicker chairs, a table, a sofa or a hammock.

Planning a patio design

Right Place Is Vital

Before you begin to build a patio, the owner must choose the right place on the site. As a rule, a zone between the house and the garden will be allocated for it. Therefore, if the house-building is still at the design stage, the future owner needs to provide a suitable place on the plan, on which it will be possible to equip the patio in the dacha with their own hands.

Patio with pool design ideas

In order to have an idea of what a modern patio should look like, many different photos of similar architectural structures should be reviewed. It is not necessary to repeat everything exactly as in a picture from the Internet, you can borrow only some details of the idea and add something of your own.

How to design patio landscaping

Decorating Ideas for Patio

Design directions for decorating the patio:
– rural style – picturesque pergolas, wicker furniture, wooden benches;

How to design wooden patio space

  • Japanese style – stone flooring, bamboo decorations and bonsai;

Patio design with raised beds

  • Mediterranean style – elements of white color, wooden base, terracotta flowerpots;

Patio design with trees and shrubs

  • Moorish style – bright shades of design, colorful impressive mosaic on the floor.

It is desirable to provide a place under the patio at the design stage of the house.
House in the shape of the letter “P” is ideal for organizing a patio, buried from prying eyes.
Choose the form of the patio – a strict geometric (rectangle, circle, oval) or uneven. Choose the scenery. Refer to the help of designers.

Stages of the patio building

In the comfort of small things. Take care of the materials covering the tracks and the base of the site. Avoid loose materials – sand, gravel and expanded clay. On them it is inconvenient to walk, they make it difficult to clean the territory. For the base suitable:

– paving slabs;
– clinker bricks;
– porcelain tiles;
– a natural stone;
– concrete plates.

These materials are laid on the solution or by a dry method. Suitable for the base are wooden decking made from materials impregnated with antiseptic compounds. But the wooden cover is less than the materials listed above.

Free the selected area from the turf inland by 15 cm. Ground the layer and apply it with herbicide to prevent germination of weeds. Top with sand or gravel, lay the foundation, decorate it with a curb around the perimeter.

Take care of the patio lighting. Original lights and garden torches look. Place the lights on the wall of the house adjacent to the patio.
Patio landscaping options

Provide in the patio area a shaded and sunny area for the comfort of holidaymakers. The shadow will create a decorative canopy or pergola, braided by curly plants: a small-colored clematis; Maiden grapes; Lemon grass. The winding green will disguise an unattractive wall. In the corners of the site put the tubs with cypress or lavender.

Set flowerbeds in a checkerboard pattern, alternating with the tile. Arrange a flower garden in the patio or decorate the tree so that you can rest in the shade while lying in a deck chair.
Patio, located from the house in the distance, should be zoned by bushes. This will create an atmosphere of privacy and protect the holidaymakers from the wind.
Glass gazebo protects against annoying gnats in nature.

Narrow patio design do it yourself

Tips for improving the patio

1. Protect the patio from prying eyes, using a plastic or metal frame, plexiglass. The camouflage net will certainly suit fans of military subjects.
2. Placing the patio on a hill or flat area will avoid dampness in a rainy season.
3. Provide a system for drainage and drainage of rainwater.
5. For installation of the fountain, consider the communication system (water supply, drainage, power supply).
6. When choosing lighting, take care of the possibility to regulate its intensity.
7. Do not plan the placement of the patio on the site with inspection hatches.
8. The original solution for decorating the patio – hung houses for birds.
9. Install a brick oven in the rest area – this will create an additional comfort on the site.
10. Instead of a stationary or sliding canopy, install a beach umbrella. He will save the sun or rain from the scorching rays.
11. Aromadizayn – the original solution for the patio. Create a fragrant atmosphere by replanting on the platform fragrant plants from the garden.

Various ideas come to mind in the process of creating a dacha “oasis”. The radiance of the starry sky, the flames in the fireplace, the water bubbling in the fountain – concentrate the three elements in the patio and enjoy the rest with the whole family.