Neat Design Ideas For Outdoor Kitchen With Examples

Cooking in the summer in a hot and cramped kitchen – a pleasure very doubtful. And if residents of high-rise buildings are deprived of the choice, then owners of private houses or cottages can make the cooking process in the summer outside the house – in the summer kitchen. And the house will get rid of unnecessary fumes in the season of active conservation. Well, the food cooked in the fresh air is always tastier than in the house. In addition, the summer kitchen, without much expense, can be made large enough to turn it into a place for evening gatherings and meetings with friends.

There are many options for a summer cottage for a summer cottage: with a veranda adjoining the house with a barbecue area with a pergola with a separate gazebo (pavilion)

In general, summer kitchens are divided into two types:

  • Open – canopy, open from one or several sides, as a protection from the wind can be used sliding structures, tarpaulin (cloth), roller blinds or removable partitions. Comfortably in such a kitchen will be the entire summer season – from late spring to early autumn.

  • Closed kitchen – in fact it is a “kitchen house” that reliably protects from all the vagaries of nature, but a significant part of the unique charm of the summer kitchen is lost.

Design and Decoration Tips

The main thing that follows the fate, choosing the project of summer kitchen for a summer residence – its conformity to the general design and style of the whole site. To create a unique bright cuisine, especially if the kitchen is visually close to home – a solution for its design and interior should be done in one key, so that common stylistic touches can be traced.

A few tips for finishing: the oven – the main element in the interior, but do not forget about the main purpose of the kitchen – cooking. Barbecue, of course, is good, bright and aesthetic, but for daily needs you can not do without a gas, electric or wood stove. And without washing, countertops, all sorts of boxes and other kitchen utensils can not do without

Lighting of the summer kitchen – a variety of “light” flashlights and hanging lamps, while for an open summer kitchen should be selected electro furniture with additional protection against water ingress – this will help avoid short circuits and fire

Furniture – upholstered furniture in the open kitchen is not appropriate. Its replacement is an easy and practical wooden furniture with soft pillows. In the interior of the summer, kitchen is well fit furniture from rattan or vines.