Lawn Care

Tips For Controlling Weed On Your Lawn

If weeds were raging on a young lawn, it’s time to declare an immediate war on them. Otherwise, the mild grass will be squeezed out by a more powerful root system of weed plants, and when they enter the insemination phase, it will be much harder to get them out. Set up that the fight against weeds on the lawn will become one of the points of constant care for the lawn, because even after a three-year-old turf, dandelions, weed grass and other perennials

Start before seed

According to the rules of agricultural technology, the first battle is given to the weeds when they are just beginning to prepare the site for the creation of a lawn. Those. The owner delineates the boundaries of the future lawn and from the soul sheds its surface with herbicides of continuous action, which destroy all vegetation by and large. These drugs include Agroquiller, Tornado, etc. The effect of herbicides is shown on the 5th-7th day after spraying, and the plants gradually dry out. After 2 weeks you can dig up the earth, choose all the roots of weedy perennials and roll the site without sowing it. Further, it is expected, when a fresh harvest of weeds will rise on the finished field, spill it with the same herbicides and leave it for a month until the complete decomposition of the chemistry.

Seeding of herbs begins not earlier than a month after the passage of herbicides. Otherwise, the poison preserved in the ground can partially destroy the seeds

As we can see, the preliminary struggle is stretched in time, and it is better to start it either in the summer, and in the autumn sow the grass, or in August-September, leaving the lawn for winter “under steam,” and in early spring sowing. This method of processing perfectly burns annual plants, which especially bother the lawn in the first year of life. But the roots of a dandelion, plantain can still survive in the soil even after such a harshly controlled chemical rift. Destruction of weeds in the first season of the life of the lawn If the pre-treatment of weeds was not carried out, then in the first season they will actively start to win a place under the sun at thin shoots of grasses. Frankly, even after herbicides, harmful “neighbors” will still appear, but not in such quantity. Therefore, the struggle continues, but it becomes more cautious to save young greenery.

Cosmetic haircuts

To destroy the annual weeds on the lawns, try to mow them along with the grass before the flowering. In this case, they do not have time to form seeds and scatter them around the site. From the cut, the annuals’ roots will not die out, but the plant will become weakened. Repeated and subsequent cuts will finally “finish off” pests. They cut the lawn as it grows, but at least once every two weeks.

Tip: The first mowing should be done only when the blade of grass is raised to a height of about 2-3″, otherwise it will be difficult for them to recover.

Rake work

In addition to annuals, there are creeping plants that do not fall under the height of the haircuts and quietly develop further. This includes cheekweed, bindweed, etc. They are fighting with them by combing the lawn with rakes. When mowing trimmers, you still have to rake the grass left on the lawn, but for lawn mowers, you do not need to collect anything. Therefore, the owners specially comb the lawn in order to undermine the roots of creeping plants and to scrape off the felt that accumulates near the roots of the grass. Felt form dried grass. If it is not cleaned, the quality of the lawn will become worse, and bald patches may form.


The most terrible enemy of the lawn is perennials with powerful rhizomes: sow, dandelion, plantain, etc. You can not take them with scythes and mowers, because the roots immediately wake up sleeping buds that will build up an even more powerful plant. This type of weeds in the first year of life of the lawn is removed only by hand. And take it out so that the whole root is stretched out. The slightest residue will form a new weed.

If the whole procedure is carried out with your own hands, then the only convenient time is after prolonged rains. Soil must be so wet that roots simply slip out of it. But it happens that the weather has not given you this opportunity, and time does not stand. In this case, use garden tools designed to dig out such weeds. They are issued several options.

Rules for cleaning the old lawn

Do not expect that in a year the grass will be weeded off the weeds. With all your efforts, the seeds will still germinate, because they are in the soil of billions. Therefore, even on a dense, deeply rooted lawn, “enemies” periodically appear. If the lawn has already turned a year or more – go to chemical attacks using herbicides selective action. The most popular is Launtrel-Zoo, created specifically for processing plantations of strawberries and lawns. He destroys all vegetation on the lawn, except for grass grasses. Especially good against dandelions. Work out the site a week after mowing. If the perennials are scattered not on the entire site, but only in certain places, then you can apply “acupuncture”.

To do this, use a regular medical syringe, which poured a ready-made herbicide solution. Insert the point into the center of the weed and release the poison directly into the stem and root of the root. This method will not overload the chemistry of cereals, and dandelion, which was made “vaccinated”, gradually dry up and disappear. At the same time on the lawn there will be no empty space, which will have to be sieved.

Why does the lawn overgrow with moss and lichen?

If mosses and lichens became a problem of the lawn, their appearance provoked poor care and waterlogging of the soil. Try to first improve the aeration by puncturing the turf with garden species or special foot aerators. Feed the grass and use lime. And if this does not help, you will have to think about drainage ditches from the edges of the lawn.

Often, mosses attack a lawn, located in a shady place. If the shadow is created by the trees, try cutting them slightly and thinning the branches. And that from the control of weeds your lawn is even more useful, make of them a liquid fertilizer and periodically feed the grass