Lawn Care

How to Choose the Grass Suitable For Lawn – Different Types

For many people having their own plot, the main task is to make it beautiful, cozy and at the same time convenient for everyone. One of the ways to decorate your site is a lawn. It is not only beautiful, but also convenient, if you are fans of say sports games, or just fans of picnics in the fresh air.

Everyone who has ever thought about improving a part of the territory and making a lawn, first of all ask themselves what kind of grass to sow the lawn? I want to say that before you choose grass for the lawn, you need to decide on the lawn itself, that is, for what purposes do you want to use it. There are several types of lawn, and we briefly characterize them.

• Natural grass is very suitable for the garden, it does not presuppose the sowing of seeds and special care. This is a standard set of herbs growing on the site, which you just need to mow even once every two weeks. This will give not only the grooming of the lawn, but also with this approach the weed will either disappear or fit in harmony with the cultivated herbs.

• Lawn meadow is the easiest and most convenient way to improve a plot, it is suitable for any type of landscape and is not afraid of the sun or shade, and it requires not much labor, it is enough only once a month to mow it. The consumption of seeds for a lawn of this type is minimal, because it already includes chic meadow cornflowers, buttercups and large meadow chamomiles, but if desired, you can decorate with daisies, narcissuses or the most ordinary tulips.

• Common lawn – is used in the practice of grinkpers most often. It fits perfectly to beautiful ponds, fountains and artificial shrubs on your site. On such a lawn you can make walks or small picnics. Low-grown grass for a lawn of this type is just the way, basically it is a mixture of fescue, red and reed fescue, as well as meadow bluegrass and perennial pasture ryegrands. Cut this lawn regularly, so that the height of the grass is about 5 cm, water should be properly watered and fed once a month.

• Lawn sports – is designed for outdoor activities, on such a cover you can not only play football and other sports games, but also calmly organize a picnic with a shish kebab. To ensure that the lawn is not damaged, it is necessary to determine what kind of grass is better for a lawn sports type. First of all, the grass should be resistant to trampling and have a strong root system. The best for such a lawn will be meadow bluegrass combined with fescue meadow and red. Such a lawn should be regularly fed, cut and watered.

• Lawn area – a noble, chic lawn, which gives the site a noble appearance. Seeds of grass for a lawn of this type must be selected from one sort mixture. This is necessary to ensure that the lawn is dense, monochrome and uniform. The most suitable option would be red fescue, a thin, runaway, or meadow bluegrass. But for the splendor of such a lawn you have to pay hard work. Such a lawn needs daily watering, aeration and feeding. Since the height of grass lawn should not exceed 3cm, respectively, and mowing such a lawn is often necessary.

• Mauritanian lawn – can be considered the most beautiful, bright and at the same time easy to care for. How to choose seeds for a lawn of this type. The thing is that this should be both cultural and meadow plants, which have a different period of flowering. This decorative lawn will delight your eye with the constant flowering of various herbs, the fact is that with the right selection of seeds, after the ones bloom, others begin to blossom, thereby providing a continuous range of colors. Perennial grasses for lawns, in this case, are only welcome, these can be daisies, poppies, bell, chamomile, calendula, delphinium, in combination with alfalfa, clover and cornflowers. Since the grass grows and blossoms from May to late autumn, and have a long-term character, then it needs to be mowed once a year at the end of flowering.

• Drought-resistant lawns are popular in areas with high temperatures and low abundance of moisture. The best grass for a lawn in a country house in arid areas is one that has a deep root system, without losing its bright and juicy appearance. The composition of such mixtures is mainly timothy grass, fescue red stiff, fescue thin-leaved or thorny, fescue meadow and Bermuda grass. In the care of such a lawn is simple, you need to mow as the grass grows, and to preserve its fresh and succulent appearance, you need to do additional dressing, but not more often than after every third cut.

Today, the market is very popular with dragee seeds. It is convenient both for a plant that, when germinated, is saturated with all the useful properties of such a composition, but also birds that sometimes eat seeds do not touch them.