Cool Ideas For Decorating Your Yard

Sometimes the basis for creating garden ornaments are items mistaken for garbage. For example, when cutting old garden trees or clearing a plot for construction, stumps remain that are uprooted and burned. If you look at them with the eyes of a designer, you can see beautiful natural frames for creating flower beds or original floral compositions. And dozens of pairs of used shoes, old cracked ceramics, traveling suitcases with shabby corners? We offer fantastic ideas for the garden with our own hands, which will turn old things into an exclusive garden decor

New life of old shoes

In any family there is a second-hand footwear that has become small to grown-up children or has simply become worthless. Traditionally, shabby boots with worn out heels “leave” for the yard, where they end their century somewhere in a rut among the beds. But if you show a little imagination – children’s shoes or rubber boots will turn into original flower pots for garden flowers. They decorate the fences, porches, the house territory and children’s playground.

For vegetable decor, any, even the most unexpected footwear – evening, office and even sports

Some pairs of shoes, despite their “not first freshness” look, look so inviting and original that they should not be covered up with luxuriantly flowering or ampel plants

From several pairs of old shoes, as well as related items on the subject of everyday life, you can make an unusual composition, which is appropriate on a countryside site, not limited to the walls of the house. Such a “family” design find can be placed on the porch, veranda, in the children’s corner or directly on the lawn

Transform utensils and cutlery

Unfortunately, the shoes wear out, and the dishes are beating or simply becoming unnecessary. But at the yard no old bucket, no teapot will not be forgotten! We take in the hands of paint, and paint the old metal and ceramic plates, basins and jugs in all the colors of the rainbow. The paint is selected depending on the material from which the dishes are made – so the decor will last much longer

Decoration made for own garden can be placed everywhere: on lawns, among flower beds, near a pond or pool, along a greenhouse or a fence. A cheerful, in a sunflower kettle conveniently located on the edge of the bench

Especially natural against the backdrop of stone paths, wooden fence and lush greenery products made of natural materials. Ceramics made of clay, perfectly combined with flowers, besides it is not afraid of rain or wind, nor accidental freezing

Among the old dishes there are the remains of beautiful porcelain sets – elegant cups and saucers, decorated with a gentle list. Expensive and high-quality dishes do not rush to take to the country site – perhaps it will find application in the house

Do not forget about the cutlery, which came out of active use – spoons and forks. No special skills are needed to make an enchanting hanger for bags or clothes

A little harder to make an unusual chandelier, which is decorated not with crystal or glass pendants, but with metal forks and spoons

Such a different suitcases

Because of the strength of the material and rigid construction, old suitcases that have not been used for a long time for their intended purpose still lie on the mezzanine and serve as mini-pantries for New Year’s toys, children’s things, and the stock of purchased bedroom sets. Their owners do not even guess what can be done to give away unnecessary things thanks to creative ideas. In the first place – a traditional flower garden

The lid of the suitcase resembles a cabinet door, as it is conveniently closed and, if desired, even locked with a key

Old suitcases and chests fit perfectly into the villa interior. They play the role of supports for flowers, bedside tables, storehouses for knickknacks

A large suitcase can easily be turned into a comfortable sofa

Pets often themselves choose boxes and suitcases for games or sleep, and modify the thing to a soft and comfortable bed for a caudate friend – a matter of a couple of hours

Flower stump

Some of the interesting ideas for decorating the cottage and vegetable garden are given to us by nature itself. Cut old trees, large branches, stones, river pebbles – all this can be found right on the countryside, especially after repair work or road construction.

Unusual application of old logs

Logs left after the construction of the house or clearing the garden, are a universal tool for decorating the suburban area. They make garden furniture, wooden compositions in the Russian style, toys for the children’s playground, flower bed stands, swings, original tracks. Do not burn or throw out even gnarled, curved logs and boughs – sometimes they produce amazing things.

Even if you do not have enough woodworking skills, you can create a comfortable, functional “furniture set” for a picnic

From sawn logs, boards and bars on a loose lawn or a sandy platform, you can create a whole children’s game world