Lawn Care

Detailed Instruction On How to Plant Grass Seed

When the house is built, all farm buildings are brought to the mind, every piece of territory is refined, the last thing we can do is sow the lawn. To grow a beautiful, thick, and most importantly evenly planted green area – a lawn, it is worth observing some simple rules. We will now tell about them.

1. Soil preparation for the lawn

Many beginning gardeners have the opinion that – tomatoes grew, the lawn will grow, in fact, it’s not so at all. Preparing the soil for sowing the lawn is the most difficult stage in the process of growing it. Since it requires physical and time costs.

The first thing to do is to excavate the entire earth in a qualitative way to increase the anaerobicity, that is, the air permeability of the soil with air. You can use a cultivator, but you will have to walk several times on the same site to achieve as small pieces of land as possible. Or dig up once, but with a shovel, carefully breaking the lumps of earth

The layer of fertile soil should be at least 15 cm, otherwise – you need to add good imported soil. A very important point is the homogeneity of the soil, so you need to carefully remove the weeds, roots, debris and stones.

Be sure to add mineral fertilizers during soil preparation so that the grass grows better. It is important at the same time to remember that manure should not be used as fertilizer; in its composition, it is not suitable for fertilizing grass, besides, there are many seeds of weeds that will germinate on newly dug up soil.

2. Leveling the soil

The ground is leveled either by the “grandfather’s method” with the help of large rakes or by a special garden roller – this will be faster and easier. This stage is very important, since the smoothness of the surface of the soil depends on how evenly the water is distributed in it during irrigation.

It is necessary to exert a force with some effort to create something like a “pillow”, which will not let the water fall below the above-described fertile layer, which is not less than 6 in., But will not allow it to accumulate in the upper part, which is fraught with decay of the grass, and Subsequent damage to the lawn. If your land still has problems with conductivity and moisture retention, you need to install a drainage system. Experts will help you in this.

If time allows you, you can make one more, very important step when planting a lawn – growing unbroken weeds. That is, after leveling the lawn, carefully pour it, and leave the day at 4, and let the ascend the weeds, the seeds of which did not go up to the moment of digging up the soil. Believe me, there will be many of them. After this, you need to again thoroughly weed and finally level out.

When all operations before planting a lawn are carried out, you can proceed to the next stage – most of all.

3. Choice of planting time

The first thing to know is the time of sowing. The best time is considered to be spring and early autumn – seeds should fall into warm soil. Since in the summer – a young grass can burn under the scorching sun, in the winter – naturally nothing will rise because of the frost. Of course, there are cases when people sow and in cold ground in March, but in this case there must be special sorts of seeds suitable for such conditions.

When autumn sowing should be at least one and a half to two months before the first frost, so that the seeds had time to gain a foothold in the soil. Also, during the autumn sowing, you need to think about sufficient irrigation, a few days before.

4. Seed selection

For a quality, dense lawn, you should sow a mixture of several types of herbs with different characteristics. All in order that in the end you could get the desired result – a dense grass cover, the density of which will not depend on the changeable weather conditions. So, in most herbal compositions are such varieties of seeds: fescue, ryegrass, meadow grass and feldspar runaway. These varieties are very resistant to severe winters and various pests, and at the same time they grow rapidly.

5. Landing technique

When buying seeds, observe the calculation – from 1 ounce for 10 sq.ft. Mix the seeds with sand, at a rate of 1: 3. Then divide the seeds into two parts. The first part sow along the line lawn, and the second half – across. For autumn sowing of seeds there is a rule – to sow twice as many, so many will not be able to bear winter. It will be useful to fertilize the soil after sowing seeds with an additional dose of mineral fertilizers. Next level the soil with a rake, and then walk around the garden roller – this way the seeds will penetrate the soil better.

6. Watering the lawn

In order to give the sprouts to ascend as soon as possible, do not forget to water the lawn abundantly. So that the top layer of the earth was constantly filled with moisture. But it is also not necessary to fill with water, so that the grass does not deteriorate. Watering the lawn is best in the evening, in the summer – it will have to be done twice. Use the hose nozzle with the greatest diffusion capacity to avoid stagnation of water in some places, and also not to give too strong streams of water to wash away the lawn.

In autumn, you can do without watering, because rains are enough for natural hydration. Usually, for seeds it takes about two weeks, but this time can increase – it all depends on the type of seeds, weather conditions and the quality of soil preparation.

First mowing

This preventive procedure must be carried out after the first emergence of the lawn. This is especially true for various sorts mixtures for the lawn. Even though each variety will be planted at different times. Remember also that you can not mow the grass more than one-third of the total height of the shoots, othe, wise you risk ruining only the overgrown shoots

It is worth noting that by observing these simple rules, you can grow a wonderful green lawn that resembles a real carpet. But before the final appearance of the lawn, you need to take care of it, and do not let anyone trample it to avoid damaging the young grass. And if you cope with the desire of children or pets to frolic on it, you can achieve the goal.