Step by Step DIY Guide For Making an Arbor

IGarden arbores play an important role in landscape design. A beautiful arbor will tell a lot about the owner’s preferences, and will also become a real decoration for the infield. If you learn how to make an arbor for flowers with your own hands, you can decorate the wedding event or another holiday with fresh flowers.

How to make a flower arbor competently

The realization of the idea of the arrangement of a flower arbor on your own dacha or homestead area implies the following typical algorithm of actions: Development of a project that takes into account the general artistic concept. Harmonization of the constructive solution. Creating a budget estimate, taking into account all materials, as well as – the wishes of the customer. How to look like a garden arbor. In fact, there are no formal norms or canons concerning the construction of an entrance arbor decorated with flowers. The main thing is that the entrance should be in harmony with the interior decoration!

In other words, the design of the garden arbor can be made of completely different materials:

  • Wood;
  • Rock;
  • Metal;
  • Cement;
  • Concrete;
  • Plastic.

But whatever the material of the base of the arbor, its beauty is not at all in it, but in its design. And here, just, in the first place is not an architectural design, but colors!

How to make a garden arbor with your own hands There are two main options for arranging garden arbores: – An individual project that is expensive enough, but allows you to emphasize your own taste. – A typical solution. Despite the “budget” of this choice, it provides a huge variety of materials, textures, textures and color solutions.

There is one more option, which will allow you to save your finances as much as possible. However, with this, you have to spend a little more time and effort. Thus, you can order the production of a garden arbor from specialists or make it yourself.

Building a garden arbor DIY

The garden arbor is not such a complex construction that it is impossible to build on its own.

For self-construction of a garden arbor for flowers, not so many materials are required: – 4 or 6 (depending on the configuration of the arbor itself) of wooden beams about 8 feet high and 4″ section, which will play the role of vertical pillars. – Wooden planed boards, serving as overlapping.

It is desirable – treated with antiseptic compounds. This will allow them to withstand temperature changes, atmospheric influences and mechanical loads. – Smaller boards, slats, and wedges that will hold the main beams buried in the ground for 12-20″. – A hand tool that allows you to build a garden arbor without using special equipment and without using heavy equipment.

The rest depends on the imagination of the owner and on his preferences. You can decorate the arbor with a simple loach or a complex combination of color composition. The main thing is that the entrance, impressing guests, should be in harmony with the overall landscape design. Garden arbores are a real decoration for your garden, so try to make yourself out by combining different floral arrangements.