How To Make a Beautiful Alpine Rock Garden

Alpine hill. What a romantic name! It literally breathes freshness and even smells of emerald green grass, which is covered with mountain slopes. The atmosphere of pristine-pure nature can be successfully recreated in the suburban area. And in this Alpine garden will help – the original composition of stones and plants, which recently is very actively used by masters of landscape design.

Nature Materials Only

We can say that the projects of alpine slides are absolutely unique design solutions. There are general rules for their arrangement, but already the embodiment of the idea is a completely creative activity. From the same set of source materials, you can create an infinite number of interesting variations.

Required attribute of rock garden is a large stone (one or several). It is a symbol of a mountain peak. And its conditional slopes are planted with low shrubs and plants that most correspond to the mountain climate.

alpine rock garden

Do not be naive to believe that a bunch of stones and the vegetation between them can claim the proud title of an alpine hill. The arrangement of such a landscape composition will require a lot of effort, financial investments and a flight of fantasy. To make it look natural and harmonious, you need space. The more large – the more organic, as if in the natural environment.

Plants Choosing

We have already said that it is better to plant unpretentious plants on an alpine hill. In this decorative corner of the garden flowers will most harmoniously look, which do not need careful care.

After all, the mountains have a harsh atmosphere, and each individual stalk has to fight for its place under the sun. Under gusts of wind or blows of torrential rain, only strong plants survive, to which they can struggle for their own existence. When planning to break rock garden, think about what colors and bushes you would like to garden.

Rock garden details

If you want to update the appearance of the flowerbed every year, plant annuals. And to get a stable result, give preference to perennial herbs of bright color. Think also about the change of the flowering seasons, because some plants please us earlier, others – later.

By combining different types of plants, it is possible to create alpine slides whose design will be absolutely unique. It is important to create an effect of the atmosphere of the mountains due to the multilevel.

Finding Ideal Placement

Deciding to build a rock garden, try to critically examine your place. Of course, the flower garden can decorate any corner of it. But in this case it is necessary to choose a spacious site, which is well illuminated by natural rays.

It is also important to think about how the future alpine-flowerbed will be viewed. After all, this beauty created by your own hands, you probably want to show the guests.

rock garden design ideas

When choosing a place, consider the nature of the soil. On sandy soil, the arrangement of an alpine slide will be less problematic, since it can be broken down directly on the ground. But for clay or oily soil, it will be necessary to conduct additional work – to prepare drainage.

How to Make a Rock Garden – Step by Step Instructions

Substrate preparation: drainage

Indication for the drainage of the site is not only the nature of the soil. Mountain plants do not like when the water stagnates and to avoid it, experienced designers recommend for the rock garden to make a special base. It is necessary to remove the topsoil cover, but do not go deeper than 12 inches.

rock garden drainage

You can make not a solid foundation pit, but a few holes. Then fill them with rubble (as an option is perfectly suitable for building debris, broken brick, fine gravel). Then sand is poured, on top – earth. Each layer of the substrate must be poured and allowed to dry.

Soil mixture and laying stones

To form a hillock of rock garden itself, it is necessary to prepare a specific mixture. In equal proportions, they combine clean soil, coarse-grained sand and crushed humus.

By the way, for an alpine slide in the garden was really the most natural, as the soil, use the land that the mole brings to the surface. Such black hills are often found in forest plantations, in abandoned areas.

Rock garden plan

Typically, the height of the hill is an average of 1 meter. You can create a multi-tiered flower bed using several stones.

After the drainage is completed and the mound is formed, it is necessary to take a break in the construction work. Two or three weeks must pass, so that all layers are slowly rammed and shrinkage. The stones are arranged in a tiered order. They should create the illusion of the rock coming to the surface.

To achieve this, you need to dig in at least a third of it. So you get the amazing effect of the meeting of strength and tenderness, symbolized by stone and flowers.

Rock garden making

The size of the tiers decreases from bottom to top, according to the pyramid principle. At the lowest point of each individual level, a massive stone should be laid to ensure that the structure is strong and small stones do not slope down the slope. Making alpine hills with their own hands, amateur designers form an odd number of tiers.

Stones should not be stacked symmetrically, because in a natural environment of such geometric accuracy we do not observe. The space between them will be occupied by flowers, so try to leave a sufficient distance. Alpine painting will look organic if you use stones that are similar in texture and color.

Construction of rock garden peak

There are two options for the design of the summit of the Alpine hill. In the center of the composition you can hoist a large, most massive stone. Such a simple technique will protect the rock garden from erosion of the soil under the influence of precipitation. Or, decorate the peak with a few small stones. They can be densely enclosed near, and yet – to build a pyramid.

Rock gardens design ideas

Vegetation design

The laborious process – the creation of an alpine garden – ends with magic. But how else can we call that amazing action, when the mound of land is “populated” by plant life! You can carry out this procedure in spring and autumn, up to frosts. Beforehand, you need to add soil mixture and carefully plant shrubs or flowers. Here one should be guided exclusively by the rules of one’s own taste, each in his own way sees the color solution of the rock garden.

Finally I would like to note that as a flower bed, an alpine slide can not be decorated with artificial accessories. For example, glass or plastic, as well as various garden figurines will simply not be appropriate here. Remember that the flower garden in this style is designed to create a natural atmosphere of the mountains. Stones and plants are quite self-sufficient elements of decor in this case, and do not need a variety of tinsel.