How to Make A BBQ By Yourself

Today, nobody is surprised by the fireplace in the country house, and even the stove – barbecue in the garden even more so. What is this? A modern tribute to fashion and a fashionable token of the present generation of summer residents, or a convenient and functional part of country life?

If you understand more about this issue, but there are connoisseurs and supporters of such devices, and skeptics, confident that the space occupied by the barbecue oven is completely useless. However, the modern world does not stand still, it is dynamic, and there will still be more supporters.

How to make a BBQ place in your yard

Is it possible to build a stove-barbecue on its own in the garden? And how to do it right? Organize a barbecue area by everyone’s strength, just listen to our advice, ideas and recommendations.

Open barbecue area

The organization of such a barbecue area is as simple as possible: it is enough to prepare a round area near the summer kitchen for convenience, lay it out with a natural stone and think over a place for the hearth.

The convenience of such a barbecue is that it is cozy next to it in the evening, when it is getting dark, or in the daytime, adding a few blankets. Chairs and folding functional table.

Square barbecue

To ensure that the coals and the platform are approximately at the same level, the pit for the ash should still be provided for before the construction. And for building side walls, the refractory bricks that remain from the renovation of the house are perfect. Yes, and spread the square is much easier than a round zone of rest and cooking.

Interestingly, in this version you can play with the height, make a deepening, or build up the edges of the oven, in this case bake on a spit half of the carcass will not be difficult. The option may seem less attractive than with a flat surface, but for a large family the most ideal.

The hearth surrounded by stone mosaic

On the site there are garden paths with tiles of stone mosaic? It is not necessary to stop and add to the dacha interior barbecue in the same execution. The principle of construction works is the simplest: in a small deepening with tiles or refractory bricks, a fireplace is laid out, do not forget to pour rubble or claydite on the bottom.

And further with the use of tiles on the site a convenient area of the right size is made out. For this, decorative tiles with uneven edges for the design of paths and trails on the site are suitable. Such a hotbed can be used, both independently and install an ordinary barbecue grill in it.

Barbecue from the curb decoration

A simple option from what’s left after arranging the tracks is curbs or stone tiles. Collecting the construction of the remaining materials, you will have to work, cutting out the desired shape.

It is necessary to lay out two circles of different diameters on the prepared area (the height varies as desired), and do not forget about the inner layer of gravel, for better retention of the internal heat in the furnace.

At such a furnace, you can put a table and chairs, drive pegs and make a simple canopy from sunlight and bad weather. In general, this method leaves a huge space for imagination and design of the site, despite its simplicity.

Table with a gas cylinder inside

Such a table is convenient not only for making tasty and juicy meat in the country, but also in order to keep warm in cool weather. Next to it will be felt incredible comfort.

And at this time, thanks to a special hole dishes with food, for example a delicious plov, will languish, and the food will remain the right temperature. At other times, the table can be used for its intended purpose.

To create such a table you have to work hard, but the idea is very good. First, a special box is made, with a door, suitable for the size of the gas cylinder. Then the table top is laid, in the center of which the hole for the burner installation is cut out.

A gas burner is connected to the cylinder. On top of the burner, install the grill and pour small gravel to dissect the fire.

The top of the table should be decorated with ceramic tiles.

Original barbecue table for the whole family

For thematic parties and long summer-resort gatherings, the original table will be an excellent option. It is long to cook, of course, it does not work, but for a long heating of the ready-made food it will do the best.

You will need the skills of carpentry to make this masterpiece, but you can make a purchase in a special shop.

Just a few ideas that we proposed to you significantly expand the space for imagination and invent new ideas for a comfortable summer holiday at the cottage. Such stoves themselves prepare tender and juicy meat, warm in inclement weather and make the garden plot-functional and unique.