How to Build a Treehouse – Step by Step DIY Guide

Who did not dream of a tree house in his childhood? If the dream has not come true, now you can bring it to life and please your children. To build a small house on a tree with your own hands is not so simple, but it is possible, especially if we follow our instructions.

For him, you need to find a suitable tree with two or three large branches, located near each other. The project uses available materials, such as wooden beams, board boards from the old fence and tarpaulin. The canvas is not waterproof, but in the house it is relatively dry even in the rain.

The more large branches on the tree, the better – the house can be made more. Decide on the height. Optimum is 10 feet: high enough to breathtaking, but not very scary.

What you need

To make a small house on the tree with your own hands, you will need:

  • Two 13′ boards section 2 x 10″
  • Six 13′ planks 1 x 6″
  • Six 10′ beams 2 x 6″
  • Three 13′ logs 2 x 6″
  • Four long galvanized screws with a wrench diameter of 0.5″ with washers
  • Eight zinc-plated fasteners for beams
  • Eight galvanized plates with holes
  • Nails, screws, block for 0.3″ rope
  • Tarpaulin
  • Boardwalks from the old fence or material for their construction
  • Sketch of the house. The sketch should not be too detailed.


  • A hammer
  • Hacksaw (better saber saw)
  • Level
  • Corner
  • Roulette
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Drill (preferably rechargeable)
  • Ladder or stepladder
  • Milling cutter and miter saw (optional)
  • Sandpaper
  • Plane

How to make a tree house

Take the wooden rack and secure one end of it on the branch 30 cm below the future floor. Raise the rail on the level and nail the second end to the other side. In the branches directly above the rod, drill holes with a diameter of 0.4″. Install the same rail on the other side of the tree. Make sure that the second rack is located horizontally and in the same plane with the first one.

Remove the slats and measure the distance between the holes. Take this distance from 4 meters, divide the resulting result by 2. The distance obtained as a result of calculations, set aside from the edge of the boards 2 by 10 inches. Drill a hole with a diameter of 16 mm at the marked distance in the middle of the board. The second hole is drilled, putting the distance between the holes in the tree from the first. Drill holes in each board. If there are branches between the last branches, drill holes through which the screws can be screwed into them. In the boards with holes using a hacksaw or a saber saw, make grooves. In these grooves, later you need to install wooden spacers that fix the supporting beams at a certain distance from each other and at some distance from the branches of the tree. Support beams are undesirable to screw to the branches closely, there must be a space allowing the tree to grow, and also within reasonable limits to swing during the wind.

Fasten the supporting beams on the branches with screws and a swivel wrench. You have already prepared the holes for the screws. Do not screw the boards close to the branches. Install the spacers.

Cut the planks for the flooring of the required length. Between the boards you need to leave gaps about a centimeter. The holes will serve for drainage. Cut two boards of 1 by 6″ corresponding to the length of the deck, four other boards make a little shorter, cutting off each 4 inches.

Using 3-inch screws, attach four boards (those shorter by 4″) to one long board 1 x 6″. Place the short boards perpendicularly at the same distance, make sure that the prepared frame is put on the branches of the tree over the support beams. Ask someone to help and lift the frame to a tree. Align the frame and secure by tethering it to the support beams.

Screw the second long board to the frame to get a square platform.

Attach the platform to the support beams. This is most easily done with metal plates with holes. Install the fasteners on the corners of the platform. All fasteners must be galvanized.

To make the platform stable, you need to install backups. For their manufacture use boards 1 x 6″. One edge of each support is preferably pre-cut at an angle of 45 degrees. On the trunk, place the lanyards and attach them to the branches with 7.8″ screws for the key.

Hang a block with a rope. The winch can be left for children to raise toys on the tree, but at the construction stage this device will be very helpful. Pass a rope through the block, tie a carbine to one end and hang a bucket. To fix the block, you need to select a suitable branch. If such branch is not present, it is necessary to fix a beam on a trunk. The beam must be placed quite high above the platform and securely secured with screws. The radius of the beam must be large enough. It is possible to act more cunningly, taking a long beam, which will be at the same time a ridge of the roof.

Climb to the platform and secure the flooring. There is nothing complicated, but in the boards you have to make cutouts through which the branches will pass. The gap between the boards and branches should be about 0.7-2″.

From the scraps of planks build a ladder.

At each corner of the platform, install a meter stand from a bar 2 by 4″. To the racks of screws fasten the railing of the same beam. The angles of the railing should be cut with a miter saw or a hacksaw at 45 degrees.

The space under the railing must be closed. For this, plywood, board boards from a fence or other sheet material will do. You can simply fill between the pillars of the plank.

Stairs. You can hang a rope ladder, but this option is not suitable for young children. You can make something like a climbing wall. For this, at an angle, install two beams, close to each other, nail the boards. If possible, buy special hooks or just cut out the steps. To do this, drill a few holes around the perimeter, and then cut with a saw blade or a small hacksaw. The task will be much simpler if you have a milling cutter on your farm. Align the edges of the holes with sandpaper.

Roof. At a height of just over 6.5 ft above the platform in the branch, screw in two hooks. Between them, pull the cable. Throw a piece of tarpaulin through the cable. To the railing, screw the supports, which slightly raise the lower edges of the roof. A small house on the tree is ready.