How to Build a Pergola In A Proper Way

Pergola – a set of designs from the repeating sections, interconnected by transverse bars, twined by plants. Conceptually, the construction of pergolas with their own hands can be divided into two major and important stages:

1. Construction of the structure itself;
2. Landscaping, decoration of pergolas with plants.

Both phases require a lot of attention, as they are closely interrelated: there will be problems in the construction – there will be no landscaping, there will be problems in landscaping – an incomprehensible structure not connected with landscape design will appear on the site.

What Do You Need For Building a Pergola

The choice of material for construction is limited only by your imagination and style, in which your plot is decided. But there are traditional materials – this is wood and metal, on them until we stop.
Pergola made of wood is the most common option, let’s look at the construction of the structure on four pillars. For the construction we will need:

  • Four wooden beams, which will become pillars.
  • Four wooden beams, which will become pillars.
  • Four bars slightly thinner than the support posts, these will be transverse beams.
  • Two beams for side beams.
  • Several trellis panels.

DIY Instruction for Pergola

Let’s start construction:

1. Draw a plan of construction, taking into account that the height should not exceed 8.2 ft, otherwise the structure may lose stability in strong winds.

pergola plan

2. We mark the area on which our pergola will stand. In the locations of the supporting beams, we excavate pits measuring 15 by 15 inches and depths of about 25″. We fix four planks. Well fix them, for example, pouring concrete.

3. When the supporting beams are strengthened, proceed to fixing the horizontal support beams.

pergola planning

4. The crossbeams are then stacked and fixed. Conditionally should be a sieve

5. The last stage of construction is optional, depending on the tasks that you put before the pergola. If you want to get a pavilion or a green screen, then we attach the trellis panels to the side parts, which will become a support for climbing plants. The only subtlety – the trellis panel must be fastened at some distance from the ground so that it does not start to rot.

pergola building

If we talk about the pergola of metal, then at home, the simplest option is a few metal arches made of iron rod (armature), connected together by transverse bridges.

The arches are simply stuck into the ground, while no additional reinforcement and foundation are needed.

It is also possible to build a pergola from profiled pipes, but still, work with pipes is somewhat more complicated than with a tree.

pergola building step by step

Today, specialized stores offer a wide range of designs and sections of pergolas, so if your own construction seems to you too troublesome business, you can always use shop “half-finished products”.

When the erection of the structure is completed, you can think about paving the floor under it, if the pergola is conceived as a rest area. An excellent option will be a natural stone-sandstone, although you can lay and paving slab.

Landscaping and Decoration

If the pergola has side grilles, then soon it will quickly turn into a green tent, strewn with luxurious flowers, if you plant stunted roses or clematis. It will be pergola how to makeinteresting to look and hanging baskets with bright colors.

Over the supporting beams, long, well-wintering vines can be planted, for example, girlish grapes or yellow-leaved hops. Rising on the pillars, they will gradually weave the whole roof. Over time, growing, plants become quite heavy, so do not put too much to avoid deformation of the structure.

It is not only the pergola itself that is planted with greenery, but a nearby space to open a good view. The bushes planted around the structure will look great, and it is not forbidden if they twist the branches through the side gate, this will add to the volume of the entire composition.

Placing plants, pay attention, that greens did not hide a design completely. No matter how “greedy” the green on your construction, its structure should still be clearly visible, so that the pergola remains a pergola and not a green grotto of incomprehensible origin.
It turns out that pergolas with their own hands – it’s not at all difficult, it’s just that you need to approach it with all responsibility so that the erected construction inspires confidence and has a rest in its shadow.