Design Ideas For Hillside Landscaping Which Make Your Garden Beautiful

If your site is located on a slope, do not worry. Many landscape designers prefer not a flat area, but hilly terrain. On the slope you can create spectacular compositions, focusing on stones, water, small architectural forms.

Variants of the site design on the slope When choosing the landscape style for your site, it is necessary to take into account a large number of factors, to think through all the details, because the garden, as a mirror, will reflect all your preferences.

Slope with terraces: a cascade of steps and ledges

One of the ways to change the appearance of the slopes is terracing – the formation of terraces, reinforced with retaining walls. The height and number of terraces depends on the size of the site itself and the height difference. The terraces are connected by stairs, which are made of the same materials as the retaining walls.

Retaining walls in the area with slope

The retaining walls, designed in accordance with the style of the site, are a bright decorative element. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to the details, techniques and materials that are specific to each style. To the village style, the retaining walls of wooden logs will fit, in the modern garden the retaining walls and steps can be built of bricks, adding them with forged rails, and in the natural style garden the first violin will be played by a retaining wall made of natural stone. Very beautiful terraces with retaining walls complement the different-level flower beds.

Panoramic terrace

On one of the terraces you can equip a viewing platform, where you and your guests can admire the beauty of the surrounding nature and the landscape of the site.

Decorative pond with a gazebo on the shore

In some cases, when the relief of the site has a more complex structure – a ravine, a bank of a river or a pond, it is rather difficult to create a beautiful landscape picture. But all these seemingly disadvantages, with a skilful approach can be turned into a highlight of the site, create its unique color.

The ravine can be turned into a decorative pond with a gazebo on the shore. On the banks to plant bushes and weeping willows. They will not only give the pond a romantic appearance, will strengthen the shore with its willow roots, will prevent them from slipping.

A collection of moisture-loving and aquatic plants will complete the composition. Beautifully fit into the overall picture of a wooden or forged bridge, connecting the banks of the ravine-pond. The river bank can be decorated exactly in the same way. You can build a small pier, if the size of the river allows. From all we can conclude: although the terrain adds trouble and work, but it will make the image of the site unique.