Useful and Comfortable BBQ Island Ideas and Plans

BBQ island or special zone for rest – is a cozy place outdoor, which is suitable for a big companies. Let’s find out how to make BBQ island useful and comfortable.

Design options

Type of design depends on the size, decoration and your personal wishes.

Outdoor barbecue island design

Open area

– Suitable for outdoor activities with kids and friends
– Could be used for sun bathing
– Suitable for open-air dance party.


Is not weather-proof.

 L shaped bbq island design

Closed area

It is actually a open room with a walls made of decorative panels made of bamboo or other materials, climbing plants or without any walls at all.

The main thing is a roof, making a shadow area and protect from the rain.

Bbq island plans

Transportable area

This combine above mentioned types. Transportable metal/wood installment helps to quickly make closed area open. The frame could be collapsible and movable.

Bbq island grill design


Patio is outer yard which is located between household and near house buildings. Outwardly resembles a closed area, where protective and enclosing supports are adjacent walls of the house and plant walls.

Patio bbq islands design

A popular patio type is a veranda adjacent to the back wall, protected from noise and dust (suitable for the city).

DIY Barbeque Island

The pledge of successfully equipping the barbecue area with your own hands is a step-by-step approach.

U shaped bbq island design

Step 1 – Select a location

Determine – where will be located the BBQ area. Consider who will rest in the barbecue area: for the elderly, a shady corner is suitable, for children a sunny glade and a shady corner are needed.

What do you need to consider when choosing a place for a barbecue?

  1. Convenient approach to the site from the house and garden.
  2. Protection from the views of neighbors and bypassers.
  3. Slope to avoid water accumulation.

If the size of the plot allows, then divide the territory into subareas: a barbecue area, a gazebo with a table, a sunny meadow with sun beds, a zone with sports equipment and grounds for team games.

Outdoor bbq island ideas

Step 2 – Site Zoning

Separate the rest area from the garden with hedges. The choice of plants for the fence depends on your preferences, climate, soil, illumination of the site.

If planted live plants do not work, then for the fence made of bamboo, stones or wood will do.

Step 3 – Substrate preparation and paving

Creation of a recreation area begins with the preparation of the soil. A simple and practical option – a soft lawn. It is pleasant to walk on, you can lie on it, it is renewable.

In the places of the table, chairs, barbecue, you need to make wood, stone, tiles or plastic pavement with a corrugated surface. The path from the barbecue area to the house is also better to pave – it will be convenient to walk during the rain.

Step 4 – Arrangement of barbecue and gazebo

Gazebo – a comfortable, warm corner with reliable protection from the weather and sun. Gazebo should be placed in a picturesque corner of the site away from street noise. Around plant a honeysuckle, klemantis, a clinging rose – they will weave it and will spread a pleasant aroma.

Gazebo with a bbq island

For families with young kids, a street fireplace is suitable – it is safe, suitable for cooking and heating. The brazier is a source of open fire. Do it steady and cook and admire the open fire without risk.

Step 5 – Selection of garden furniture

We advise: for a street recreation area it is better to choose practical furniture. Alternative to the usual soft furniture – wooden, wicker, forged, plastic. The listed materials are unpretentious in care and weather proof. For comfort on the furniture put pillows, blankets, and in bad weather are brought under the canopy.

Trivia for the barbecue area will make it more attractive. The choice depends on you only: ceramic figurines of fairy-tale heroes, a variety of fishnet drinkers for birds, pendants and bells, decorative flashlights.

Furniture ideas for bbq island

Addition to the interior will be flowers in pots, pots with ampel colors, floor pots with coniferous dwarf plants, arches and pergolas with beautifully flowering climbing plants.

At night, a cozy atmosphere will be created various lamps (for example, on solar batteries) and glowing stones.

When choosing elements of the interior, make sure that the recreation area is combined in design with the landscape of the site and the house.


We were convinced that it is not difficult to make a barbecue area with our own hands. We need to approach the process of arrangement with a soul and imagination. The creation of a barbecue area intertwines with landscape design.

While planning the plantations, immediately take a place under the recreation area.

A cozy corner consists of small things, there are economical options for obtaining comfort, beauty and a wonderful holiday.