25 Gardening Container and Flower Pots Ideas

In stores for gardeners, many different objects are sold that can decorate the garden, supplementing what is created by nature. But what if you do not like banal gnome figures and other “sculptures”? Do you want to show excellent European taste?

Pay attention to the large pots and pots, the height of 24-32″. Did you know that these impressive objects are not just for planting flowers? They can perform many roles, the main of which is to create a spectacular and unconventional corner in your garden.

Where to place such large and even huge pots? Which ones to choose, so that it does not look trite? What to add to enhance the effect? How large pots can fix “problem areas” in your garden and around the house? What secrets are known to landscape designers when it comes to patios?

First let’s talk about what you probably care about most – where to place large pots and pots. We found 10 interesting tricks.

1. The main entrance

Old as the world, but still effective reception: put two identical containers with plants on either side of the entrance to the site. And admire how your yard has changed! By the way, in such containers it is possible to grow up and capricious plants – as soon as the temperature drops, just bring them into the house.

2. Punctuation marks

How does this relate to our topic? And so that plants in large containers are able to make the garden more structured, as do points and commas in the text. They can designate a turn of the track or point to a bench in the shade.

3. Like a sculpture

Another “punctuation mark”, but in the role of the central element of some part of the garden. Adds orderliness and European elegance, especially if you choose a large pot in the old style.

4. The point of attraction

And the third way to designate the structure of the garden is to install a large flower pot at the end of the path or where it splits.

5. Mediterranean notes

Decorating a garden or patio in the Mediterranean style – with characteristic round platforms, like waves, think about how to fit into them large vessels or pots of unglazed ceramics of natural tones. Add a round mini-flower bed (pot in the center) or surround it with small pebbles.

6. Attention to the corners

Vegetation in the corners of a small area is always appropriate, helping to give it a smooth shape. Add in one of these areas a large pot – with plants or even without them. This focal point will certainly attract views and demonstrate your unconventional taste.

7. Change the proportions

Around the house, as a rule, little land, and all the vegetation is either under your feet, or – over your head. Balance this picture by adding an “average element” – at the eye level or just below (a large pot of flowers or plants). You will be surprised at how much more harmonious it now looks.

8. Among the foliage

Agree, quite unexpectedly to meet a huge vessel in the far corner of a wild garden. Rising above the low foliage, it looks like it was conjured by a magician, and treasure is waiting inside.

Advice: for such areas choose pots of soft shades of natural nature (gray, beige, green), this will enhance the charm of “magic”.

9. Non-traditional vegetable garden

We have already talked in detail about how to make the garden beautiful and unusual. And here we propose to supplement it with a large pot-vessel. Such a high element adds decorativeness to trivial beds.

10. Creative disorder

Instead of accentuating space, huge pots and pots can create it themselves, disrupting unnecessary orderliness and introducing new lines.

And now – several ideas on how to choose a large pot or decorative vessel, so that the impression is as effective as possible.

11. With a touch of time

A large vessel can become a remarkable focal point if it is released from the common mass. The bigger the pot, the better. Especially luxurious look the vessels, which clearly feel the imprint of time (patina).

12. The game of contrasts

If you have a lawn or a flower bed – safely put there large pots and pots. Right in the middle of the greenery. It will certainly attract attention and will give your eyes a break from the solid green canvas. Containers can be very diverse, but they must necessarily combine something – color, shape or material.

13. At the behest of nature

Look closely at the landscape – perhaps there is already an answer to the question, what should be the containers. For example, as here: a heavy rounded vessel resembles stones in shape, and the exotic, unusually dark color of the plants suggested a shade of the pot – black.

14. A piece of exotics

Among the great variety of leaves, blue shades are very rare. Especially in our latitudes. That’s why take a look at the bright blue containers or the fashionable teal color – against the background of greenery they will look incredibly exotic. Do you want to enhance the impression? Install inward artificial leaves or feathers, painted in a similar tone.

And did you know that with the help of decorative pots and pots, can you solve the problems of the site or garden? Learn several ways to do this.

15. Harmony does not tolerate emptiness

Every designer knows: there should not be empty corners. If you still have one, put a large container with plants (or empty – as a decor). A group of such containers will help disguise unaesthetic utilitarian objects: the air conditioner module, the generator or communication hatches.

16. From scratch

Perhaps you are puzzling over what to do with a boring white fence. Or with the wall of a shed, which, with its screaming emptiness, offends your aesthetic feelings.

Just imagine this surface as a canvas, and imagine yourself as an artist. And create! Place along the wall several identical, but by all means spectacular containers with greens. And now enjoy your creation with fashionable notes of modern decor trends!

17. Temporary measure

If there are not enough plantations on the site, large pots of flowers and plants will perfectly save the situation and relieve the impression of an uncomfortable emptiness.

Now let’s talk about what to add to the large pots and pots or what to put them in if you like the original solutions.

18. A curious specimen

Large forms – for outstanding content. Try to grow in a huge container a tree with interesting branches or even fruits. This is not the same as planting it in the ground – a huge pot will allocate the plant, will tell everyone about its uniqueness. And you will only have to admire this excellent specimen.

Advice: before you plant a tree in a pot, think about its needs in the future. After all, the root system and crown will grow, and the container can simply not withstand pressure. Therefore, carefully study everything about the development of this plant.

19. Mexican landscape

Have you dreamed of an exotic landscape for a long time? Take large pots, install pots with succulents in them and pour gravel on top. Put on the site with the same coating, and for winter, remove the containers in the house or winter garden.

20. Add water

How about getting a garden fountain made from a huge ceramic vessel? You can, of course, look for finished models. But you can really do it yourself – from a large pot and a special set for the installation of small garden fountains.

And in conclusion we offer effective ideas for decoration of the patio – also with the help of large pots and decorative vessels.

21. The magic bush

Are you sorry that the bushes with beautiful flowers are located far from your favorite vacation spot? Plant the young plants in large pots and rearrange wherever you want.

22. Berries at hand

In large containers can grow not only flowers or greens, but also berry bushes. Find out in the horticultural firms which varieties are better to choose and acquire such a “delicious” decor.

23. A blossoming ladder

This technique adds a sense of celebration, turning the daily rise of the stairs into an exciting event, a pleasing look. Use the same pots with the same identical content – this will reflect your flawless taste and professional approach to design.

24. In a harmonious framework

Very large pots with plants can perfectly zonate individual patio elements. For example, limit the barbecue area or become an interesting alternative to the garden fence. But, unlike the fence, they are pleasant to admire.

25. South-European chic

And if you have special places for a meal or rest, limited by stone walls, designate an entrance with a pair of pots of unglazed terracotta. Plant inside beautifully flowering plants or bushes with picturesque small leaves like boxwood.