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A Bunch of Design Ideas For Garden Archway

Surprisingly pleasant and fascinating occupation – design and arrangement of the archway on the countryside. On a small site it is very difficult to make a rich archway, usually through a small plot of paving neat garden paths. If the territory is large and allows you to make this element of landscape design, then do not hesitate, you just need to get down to business.

Naturally, rest on the territory, decorated with archways, will be unforgettable, walks through a tunnel of beautiful trees will be pleasant. Even if the walkway passes from the house to the rest area, it will always cheer up. Of course, for a full-fledged archway you need large areas, but you can start small.


In order to begin work on the arrangement of the archway, it is necessary to draw a plan on paper, on which the dimensions of the archway, the form and some additional elements are marked. The archway does not need to be perfectly level, it can be made with descents and ascents to give it a little mystery or you can make a path that goes to the right or left, showing a little imagination you can make a unique and unique avenue.

The importance of pathway

The archway on the site can look pretty boring if it passes through the lawn, so you need to show your design abilities and come up with something beautiful and interesting. You can always resort to garden figures, small architectural forms and, of course, to decorative lighting. For the archway, area lighting is suitable, for example, along the entire length of the archway to install lights, in the afternoon they will perform a decorative function, and in the evening illuminate the walkway. Pergolas and arches, flower beds and flowerpots perfectly complement and decorate the archway. The retaining walls are ideal for the archway. Garden figures, including those made by themselves, will perfectly complement the appearance of the archway, and the overall picture will be finished.

Think about what the garden path that passes through the archway will be made of, since this is an important point from an aesthetic point of view and in terms of convenience and safety. The archway is not only a garden decoration, but also an excellent pedestrian zone.

Add colors

Making an archway with flowers is a very important step in the arrangement. For flowers you need to prepare the soil, seeds and fertilizers. Immediately need to think about which plants will dress up the archway. Roses will look good in this role, you can also use tall shrubs, bonsai, manicured dwarf trees, beautiful flowers on both sides of the archway. It is important to think about every moment to make the final result happy and make you proud of your work.

The entrance to the mall can be empty, and then smoothly move into the walking area with bushes, trees, flowers and garden ornaments. You can also focus on the entrance, plant for example tall trees or set pergolas and arches. The lane path can be made of gravel, pebbles or paving slabs. At the end of the archway, you can make a small pond, and the path can bend it on both sides.

Where would it lead you?

In order to make it more interesting to walk along the path, you can make small recreation areas, and in the end the archway can lead to a garden maze. Though for such big ideas the necessary big open spaces.

The most reasonable way is to complete the path along the archway with a place for rest, it can be a gazebo, a garden with benches and old sculptures, a swing or a hammock.

Many interesting ideas can be implemented, for example, to make a bridge over the stream, decorate the archway with garden figures, make decorative lighting, to fantasize, not to stop at what has been achieved and to continue to transform its suburban area.