Facsinating Design Ideas For Garden Arch

Each summer resident seeks to beautify and ennoble his plot, so that the work, and the more so, the rest would be as comfortable and pleasant as possible. So that they themselves bring pleasure, and it was more surprising than guests. One of the solutions can be the use of such a decorative element as a garden arch.

Multifunctional in its essence, it is able to add a mysterious or chic area, shady coolness or brightness, to become the center of attention or to emphasize the chosen zone.

Probably, very few people know that the appearance of the arch we owe to Ancient Mesopotamia, in the architecture of which this element entered already in the second millennium BC! In landscape design, the garden arch has already taken its rightful place, which is not surprising – with so many thousands of years of experience.

There are many options for using arches, and describing all the ideas is tedious and pointless, for human fantasy knows no boundaries. Therefore, I propose to consider the main methods in the context of two parameters: in terms of quantity (separately standing or group) and for the purpose (decor, zoning, shadowing and others).


The most common option – the installation of free-standing arches to create a spectacular “point” accent both directly on the site itself, and when registering the entrance to the yard. Curled with roses, clematis or other climbing plants, the arch will decorate any corner of the garden.

Moreover, there are no restrictions on either height or place. Even the meter arch is quite capable of attracting increased attention to itself, and it will be installed near the house, in the center of the site or in the farthest corner – there’s someone who is on top of that.

Also, a good ornament can serve as an arch and for a garden path. Especially if the path is surrounded by a lawn. Such a bright accent on the green background can not but attract.

Surprise the guests! Installed on a balcony or veranda, this design looks unusual and very original.

In my opinion, a very good idea is to combine pleasant with useful: install the arch over the bench – this is beautiful, and will be where to hide from the summer scorching sun.

Not inferior to traditional floral-green options and arches without decor with plants.
Want to create a medieval atmosphere? In this case, the most successful material for the arch will be a stone.

For lovers of oriental style, an uncomplicated wooden arch will fit, and a couple of Veigel, Rhododendron or Adianium bushes will add Japanese refinement and grandeur.

Agree, these arches look chic!

A little feminine cunning. The arch, like any decor element, can not only decorate the garden, but also hide the small flaws or defects in buildings, fences or other element of the country site.

A separate block I want to highlight the use of the arch in the design of the wicket and fence, because the tone of the entire site is given exactly the entrance.

We create the first impression

The theater begins with a hanger, and the site begins with a gate. Using its various forms and types, with the help of the arch one can achieve any desired impression: chic, style, refinement or a fairy tale – that’s enough for fantasy. And money.

The wooden arch in combination with the fence from the fence is cozy and gentle. You can supplement such a design with roses, clematis, honeysuckle or other plant, if desired.

Decorate the entrance is quite capable of even a simple unpainted wooden gate with an arch, twined with ivy or grapes. As they say, simply, but with taste!

A large metal arch with a small openwork wicket will not hide the site from other people’s eyes, but add sophistication. Such an entrance does not even need an additional vegetable decoration, it itself is a chic decoration.

An interesting combination of a stone basement, a metal fence and a delicate low arch with a wicket gives rise to a feeling that these stone steps lead to a fairy garden, and somewhere there is certainly a magic house.

Overgrown arch creates an atmosphere of mystery, is not it? However, to get this, we need to wait more than one year. And not even two. But it, I think, is worth it.

The round stone arch and uneven fence of the fence look very original and stylish, even without a gate.

As an idea, you can complete such an arch with a wooden round gate with a large round handle in the center. I’m sure the Tolkienists would be delighted.

Meanwhile, I want to add: the arch at the entrance is spectacular and beautiful without any doubts, but in pursuit of the idea one should not forget about harmony. No matter how beautiful and elegant the wooden arch is, it will look ridiculous enough against the background of a metal fence, is not it? Organic – an important condition, do not neglect it.

In fact, there are many more options for using free-standing arches. There would be a desire, but there will be an arch. You can buy already ready, order on your project or independently produce, creating your own unique style. Do not be afraid to improvise.

However, arches are used not only individually, but also in groups.

When the quantity matters

The decorative value of garden arches can not be overestimated, But apart from aesthetic pleasure, arches are quite capable of solving a number of other issues. For example, by setting several arches in a row, we will create a small tunnel. This corridor can be arranged both at the entrance, and over any garden path or zone. By the way, this design is called pergola.

With the help of arches it is quite possible to make even a whole alley! Such a design will visually extend the space. And if you improvise with combinations of climbing plants, you can get a kind of flower greenhouse. Then the alley will please not only a cool shadow, but also beautiful bright compositions.

I think no one would have refused to take a walk on a summer hot day at such a flower gallery.

And if you add a bench to this beauty, you will get a wonderful rest zone.

If there is no desire to limit space on both sides, it is possible to put a number of arches along the path. It turns out a beautiful flower wall.

Zoning, that is, conditional division of the suburban area into functional parts, is an important issue for the vast majority of summer residents. I think it is understandable that the construction of capital walls or deaf partitions is at least impractical, besides, do not forget about the appearance of the garden as a whole. The arches solve the task of zoning the garden space.

For example, the arch can separate the flower part from the garden part. This aesthetically looks, and will increase the number of crops that can be planted in the border areas

Also, you can mark the recreation area with arches. I’m sure such arched arbor will certainly become a favorite place for pastime.

But zoning can be carried out not only on the entire garden plot as a whole, but also within the framework of any one part of it. Here is an example where a group of keeled wooden arches divides a garden zone into beds. Convenient, and looks cool.