Design Ideas For Flowerbeds Made Of On Hand Materials

Flower beds build with on hands materials means is a good way to beautify the site, making them an expressive and amazing element of landscape design. Such a flower bed will become not just a picturesque and attractive corner of the garden, but it can also become a connecting link uniting a house and a garden, buildings and plantings into a harmonious and unified picture. Beautiful flower beds, made with handmade of unusual materials, will help to achieve an incredible effect.

Break the standards

No matter how charming and luxurious the flowers are, the flowerbed without fencing will have a somewhat unfinished appearance. With the fencing the flower bed is significantly transformed, it becomes more accurate and presentable. In addition to the boundary designation, the ridge (fence) also performs other functions: for example, it does not allow plants, especially ground cover, to actively spread (spread) over the site. Another side also performs a protective function, saving fragile shoots of plants from the encroachments of walking pets.

Of course, you can buy ready-made plastic, stone, wooden, metal (forged) fences or forms (various vases and bowls with legs and without, barrels, etc.) for the flower beds, but after the construction (repair) , Scraps of wood, metal or pipes, pieces of brick, from which you can make beautiful flower beds, with your own hands and without much expense. Just as a fence you can use scraps of metal or slate, as well as the remains of linoleum.

Creating a flower bed with your own hands made of plastic bottles, which will become a good fencing for the flowerbed. This option is recommended for the area with an abundance of moles – plastic will be a sufficient barrier for them. To flowerbed have a colorful appearance, it is good to alternate bottles of different colors.

A new life of old things

A flower bed with our own hands from improvised means is also an opportunity to fill with a new, unusual meaning things that are dusting in the attic. For example, old shoes, left kind of like “for later”, although sometimes to pair – it’s problematic. The old shoe can also be used as a pot, simply putting inside its pot of flowers, or you can use it as a pot (not forgetting to make holes in the soles for drainage). The flower-boot can either be put on the threshold, or nailed (hung) on a fence, it is easy to move around the site.

In the flower bed you can turn an old cage – you have to fill it with earth, plant ampel flowers – their shoots will look beautiful, hanging between the thin metal rods of the cage.

Excellent for decorating the flowerbed in the country with their own hands different wood. For example, an unused log, which can be used as a whole, or cut into parts to make mini-flower beds. We clear the log from the bark, while the twigs and branches can be left – they will add decorativeness and expressiveness.

Stepping away from the edge 4-5.5″, we make the notches and remove the middle part, and in the cut out part we make an additional groove. Inside we pour stones (for drainage, about 4″), on top – a layer of soil and plant flowers. Similarly, you can get a flower bed from a stump or a log, and the thicker they will be, the better.

Flower bed from stones

A flower bed made of stones by one’s own hands is very durable and does not require constant care. The easiest and most affordable way is to simply lay a bed of stones with stones that will mark its border. But often stones are used for obtaining multi-tiered flower beds (not to be confused with alpine slides) – excellent for these purposes will fit shale. The stone itself, lying in the nature of the strata, looks like a layering of several layers, so a 2-3-storey flowerbed from it will look very impressive.

A flower bed of tires

In the garage of any car enthusiast, there must be a couple of tires that have served their own. The simplest “lazy” version for a flower bed of tires with their own hands is to choose a place more evenly, lay the tire, fill it with fertile soil and plant flowers inside it. To add a flowerbed of attractiveness, you can paint it in the color you like – auto-rubber perfectly holds the paint.

But if you spend a little effort and add fantasies, you can make an original vase. The car tire is quite plastic, it can be cut along the inside of the metal cord, and then turned inside out – the worn out rubber is cut fairly well with a sharpened knife. And with the help of a jigsaw, you can make decorative cuts: fringe, triangles or petals, pre-chalk markings. The work ends with the application of enamel or oil paint. It is enough to put several tires on each other (they are quite stable) – and the flower bed of tires with their own hands is ready for ampel plants, this “hill” is often used for vertical gardening.

Use fantasy

To create a flower bed near the house with your own hands, you can use the most unusual things and materials, you just need to give freedom of imagination. The main condition is to correctly select the ratio of the elements, so that the flowerbed is stylish, but not fanciful, framing for a well-groomed flower garden: the old chair with a long lost seat easily transforms into a functional stand for a small container with flowers. Such a mobile flower bed can not only be installed anywhere in the garden, but also moved at will. In order for the structure to be stable, the stool legs can be slightly buried (pressed) into the ground;

The old bed with iron backs can become the basis for a chic flower garden. Pre-painted in the desired color, the bed is dug into the ground so that only the side backs remain on the surface. For planting, you can use both beautifully flowering and ground cover decorative and deciduous plants;

At an old wooden bedside table, the table top can be used as a stand for pots, and drawers – fill the ground and plant flowers in them. Before filling the containers with earth, the boxes must be covered with polyethylene or spunbond, to be secured with a construction stapler for reliability. And to extend the life of the entire wooden flowerbed, the bedside table should be treated with special protective agents-antiseptics;

To create an original mobile flower garden you can use an old bicycle. Front and rear on the trunk, as well as on the seat or frame, you can fix the basket, in which to install containers with flowers. To fix the bicycle in a vertical position, use a pin that is driven into the ground. To add decorativeness to the old bicycle, the metal parts are well sanded and painted by spraying paint from the can. The resulting “mobile” flowerbed also will save enough space;

In the garden, decorated in the Mediterranean style, you can install an old boat or boat. Such an improvised pot can be completely filled with a layer of earth and planted miniature bushes and flowers. Another option is simply to install pots with flowering plants inside the boat, then the benches inside the boat will turn into garden benches surrounded by fragrant flowers.

Once the furrowed sea expanses, now it has settled on an emerald lawn – fragrant with flowers, it will become an effective accent of a country plot. Especially successful this composition will look near the pond.

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