Lawn Care

A Few Tips For Proper Fall Lawn Care

Many believe that to get a great lawn you can make as much fertilizer as possible and start lavishing it generously as soon as the snow comes down. In fact, the appearance of the lawn in the spring largely depends on the fall care. If left untreated lawn for the winter, then the problems associated with it, will not disappear, and they will have to be solved in the spring. Following our advice, in the spring you can enjoy a healthy and beautiful lawn.

Fight the weeds

The biggest enemy of any lawn is a dandelion. And do not ignore these seemingly pretty plants. Do not expect that winter colds will kill dandelions. Get rid of the weeds, without waiting for spring. In the fall, dandelions are gaining strength, so that with the first rays of the spring sun begin to spread over the lawn even more intensively.

weed fight fall lawn care

Tip: To control weeds, you can use liquid pesticides intended for use on lawns.

Do not forget about aeration

Rent an aerator, and in the case of small lawns, you can use special studded shoes. Spikes pierce the soil, allowing air and water to penetrate deeper. Thanks to aeration, the grass in spring will grow more intensively.

If you use fertilizers, do it inĀ fall

Most experts agree that it is autumn that is best suited for fertilizer application. It is desirable to treat lawns with dry fertilizers, evenly distributing them over the surface.

Re-sow areas with rare grass

In some parts of the lawn grass can trample down or die because of insufficient, or vice versa, excessive watering. And these sites need to be re-sown in autumn, so that in the spring the lawn looks like a new one. If necessary, use mulch, and do not forget to water the sown areas.

Row the lawn by selecting a small mowing height

Set up the lawn mower so that the grass after mowing is lower than normal. This is necessary in order that not so intense autumn sun could illuminate the lower parts of the grass.

Tip: when it comes to fall mowing, it’s important not to overdo it. The height of the grass should be about 2″.

Continue to water the lawn

Do not forget to water the lawn regularly in the autumn. Reduce the number of the watering can only with the arrival of autumn rains. Do not water the lawn in the evening, because with high humidity and low temperatures on the lawn can begin to grow mushrooms.

Collect the fallen leaves

It is necessary to clear the lawn from the fallen leaves until the snow fell. Otherwise, by spring, the leaves will begin to decay, and the lawn will be damaged.

Drain water from all pipes and hoses

If your lawn has a watering system, be sure to lower the water from it to frost. If this is not done, the pipes can splinter, and in the spring they will have to be changed. It is clear that it is impossible to do this without harm to the lawn.

Follow our advice in the fall, and in the spring all neighbors will envy you.