Design Ideas For a Miniature Fairy Garden

Traditions – to create gardens for fairies – for many centuries. Even in the time of Queen Victoria, the English people said: “The Fairies live in the backyard of your garden”. This meant that there, in the most desolate, to which all do not reach the hands, the corner of the garden, where wild plants dominate and the magic of wild nature is felt and the fairies settle. There are a lot of wild animals, rabbits, frogs, butterflies, there are nests of birds, dandelions, sourdough, clover grow there.

The desire to lure a fairy to yourself in the garden is understandable: if the fairy loves the garden offered by her mistress, she will become a reliable protector and patroness of the house, his good spirit. So can we arrange such corners in our gardens? And if you have small children – then this idea needs to be embodied with them together. This is such a wonderful activity, exciting and creative, that the children simply can not resist. And for adults this is a great opportunity to practice in landscape design.

This garden should be located in a secluded, secluded corner of your garden. After all, this people do not tolerate interference in their mysterious life. Fairies love a romantic style, so you should avoid modern daring design directions, although how to know – maybe in this garden the young modern fairy will want to settle.

In the course you can start everything: from figurines, figurines from gypsum to children’s toys, miniature fairies from kinder surprise egg, houses-candlesticks. From the sticks you can make benches, hang torches on wires, garlands.

If you are engaged in modeling, then you will be able to apply your creative abilities, having fashioned turrets, arches, tables, rock slides.
In my plans, or rather dreams, to build a stone house of gravel. On a conventional cement slurry. From the gravel, lay a bridge over an imaginary river. By the way, from a mirror you can build a small pond or a lake. Glass balls can become lanterns, and glass pebbles – imitation of a stream.

At parents of girls for certain there will be a tiny dish and furniture – all this can be started up in business. Only carefully, do not overdo it with plastic! It is better to disguise it in every possible way with natural materials – so the composition will look more harmonious in the surrounding nature. It is worth looking around at fairs, there often sell products made of clay: miniature pots, jugs, light houses. These items can become the highlight of your fairy garden.

Well, what kind of garden without plants? As a tree can be planted boxwood – they are easily formed and can be in the proportions of the garden for a long time. The boxwood can be formed in the form of a tree and with a bare trunk and a pyramidal shape.

The most favorite fairy plants are thyme, bells and foxglove (fairies love caps), clover, primrose, fern and roses. There is one sort of rose – “The Fairy” – it’s just made for a romantic magical garden. I necessarily use it in the project. By the way, miniature roses, which are given to us in pots, are perfect for creating a fairy garden.

Of trees fairies adore apple trees. Bushes of dog rose, hawthorn, broom and lilac also like them, as well as any scented beautiful flowers. If these plants will surround your magic garden, then the success of the business is assured.

For a miniature garden, many small-flowered plants, as well as young, cleanse. You can arrange pergolas and arches, letting them curl over them, for example, a coin box. A backdrop for garden compositions can be either a paved area or an emerald lawn from a moss pillow.

There are wonderful low-growing varieties of thyme, they are also suitable for our garden. I think that since fairies like fragrant herbs, they will be happy to settle in such a fragrant garden. Elegantly will look and balls of flowering dwarf bows, recalling the art of topiary – cut crop.

The fairy garden can be arranged even in a small old basin. From thin twigs you can make a fence in the form of a tuna or weave it from a wire.

You can even hold a railway in the garden, using old toys. This idea will surely be to your liking boys.

It is very important to select details of approximately the same scale – then the garden will look real. In the garden there can be rock gardens, rocky screes, slides – everything that your fantasy will endure!