How to Build an Outdoor Kitchen – Detailed Guide

In the summer at the garden, to combine the cooking process with rest, we offer to take the kitchen out of the house. It will be convenient both to the guests and the hostess.┬áLet’s take a step-by-step guide to all the stages of building a stationary summer kitchen. Summer kitchens could be open or closed.

At the stage of preparation for construction it is necessary to choose a place for a summer kitchen. A shaded area near the house is good. For example, in the shade of a branchy tree or in a shaded terrace area.

To the design of the summer kitchen did not violate the architectural unity of the style of the house and the surrounding landscape, provide a device for a comfortable canopy. The next step is to draw up a construction plan, determine the size, count the number of materials and prepare the tools.
To prepare concrete and mortar, we advise you to rent a concrete mixer and a vibrator. In detail, work out the layout of the arrangement of the summer kitchen and calculate the planned loads.

Preparations for DIY outdoor kitchen building



In order to build our summer kitchen from brick with your own hands you will need:

  • brick;
  • Components for concrete mix;
  • Decoration Materials;
  • Formwork.

Making a foundation

For the foundation, dig a hole about 35 cm deep. Fix the edges of the pit with formwork boards. For additional stability from the outside, use support bars. Fill the bottom with gravel to a height of 5 cm and compact.

How to make a foundation for DIY outdoor kitchen

Two contours of the reinforcing cage are laid on top. Preliminarily bind them on a separate site. The reinforcement frame is laid so that the rods do not touch the formwork boards and are poured with concrete.

How to build an outdoor kitchen with cinder blocks

Fill the concrete. Vibrate it beforehand to eliminate air bubbles. Cover the foundation with a film and wait for the strength to be set.

Cinder blocks outdoor kitchen building

Stacking walls

Begin to lay bricks from the corner. Wall masonry is carried out with a level – this will ensure evenness and verticality.

Stacking walls of the DIY outdoor kitchen

The second row of bricks is stacked with a half-brick shift. Finish the masonry at a convenient height for cooking.

Second row of bricks of the DIY outdoor kitchen

Outdoor kitchen building process

Fills between rows and bricks fill with mortar and level with a grater. Remove excess solution.

Basic outdoor kitchen plans

Installation of countertops

To create a table top, lay the supporting steel rods between the supports. Top with a wooden mold for pouring. Pour concrete into the countertop and wait until it dries.

How to create a DIY outdoor kitchen countertop

From the top on the finished countertop, put on the slab of mortar and carefully align the cracks. In the end, plaster the walls of the summer kitchen or treat them with heat-resistant materials. The summer kitchen is ready!

DIY outdoor kitchen countertop design

Choice of oven

Mostly in the summer kitchen, traditional gas or electric stoves are installed. In winter they are easily transferred to the house. For lovers of tradition and authenticity, we suggest that you fold the wood stove.

DIY outdoor kitchen oven design

Furnish of a pizza oven

DIY outdoor kitchen pizza oven

The roof of the summer kitchen

The last stage is the creation of a gable roof

Outdoor kitchen roof design

As you can see, the construction of the summer kitchen will not take much time. The longest moments are a set of concrete strength when pouring the foundation.