The Coolest Treehouse Designs You Ever Dreamt Of

Let’s be frank: you, too, in your childhood would have given everything in the world for a real house, hidden high on a tree. Many of us built huts among the branches, but it is unlikely that these children’s attempts can be called a “home”, even with a stretch. Another thing, real palaces or cozy fairy-tale buildings that are built on trees grown up by uncles and aunts, not only for children but for themselves. If you still think that you can build a tree as a maximum, a feeder for squirrels, you definitely should pay attention to the projects we selected!

The popularity of the houses on the trees comes to the maximum in the US, where they were installed on the plots in front of the house for children’s games. However, now they have ceased to be exclusively children’s entertainment, having turned into an independent kind of architecture. On trees arrange apartment houses, hotels, cafe and simply family small houses for rest. Use home-nests, too, quite differently.

Awesome Treehouse Design Ideas

One of the most architecturally conceived to date is the house, designed by the German bureau Baumraum. This is a modern, fully self-supporting building built on all the canon of eco-architecture. The house consists of several floors and two parts connected by terraces and stairs, and its considerable weight is supported by steel columns. Architects propose to use the house for conferences in order to inspire businessmen with ideas of eco-architecture.

In New Zealand, at an altitude of 32 ft above the ground, a yellow forty-meter trunk is located, resembling an elegant nest, the restaurant The Yellow Tree House, designed by Pacific Environment Architects. The restaurant is designed in such a way as to make maximum use of natural light and allow you to admire the surrounding landscape.

Would you like to live in a tree house alone with nature for a few days? In this there is absolutely nothing impossible, just order a room at the incredible Treehotel, located in the Swedish forests. To date, the hotel complex includes 6 completely different houses on trees, designed by different architects: from the minimal Cabin, mirror and literally hiding among the leaves of the Mirrorcube, like a flying UFO plate, scarlet Blue Cone, decorated with Bird’s Nest branches or a spacious Dragonfly. This is exactly the case when the hotel is not a place to sleep, but the very purpose of the trip and the opportunity to get unique impressions. As in any self-respecting, Scandinavian hotel in the Treehouse, there is even a sauna.

Inside the rooms, everything is as compact and functional as possible, but it’s quite cozy. Is not it an idea for a stylish and unusual holiday cottage?

However, if you think that to build an original house on a tree can only be done by professional architects, under which most modern materials and technologies are used, it is not so. A pair of young artists, Nick Olson and Lilah Horwitz, built their sunny lighthouse above the ground literally from what the rest of them throw out – old window frames found mostly in a garbage dump. The couple built the whole house with their own hands, spending a total of $500 for this. And although they admit that it was not easy, they are still happy to spend their weekends or holidays here.

The French architectural bureau La Cabane Perchée, specializing in this kind of buildings, built a chamber house for tea drinking in the spirit of a real Russian manner. The architects arrived at the site and selected three closely spaced pines, created a project of an oval-shaped house, taking into account the peculiarities of the terrain.
Inside there was a place even for an antique wood-burning stove so that the house can be used at any time of the year.

If you already fell in love with these unusual structures above the ground, nothing prevents you from trying to build something like this and at your own yard.