A Few Bright Ideas For Built-In Planter Boxes

Do you have a patio or a small courtyard, and you want to decorate them with ornamental plants? You can simply arrange pots with flowers or do more original, giving preference to the built-in flower beds. It is not possible to grow ornamental plants all year round in such flower beds, but the need to take out pots from the premises every season, carefully place them and fix them so that they are not blown away by the wind. In this article, we will give a few examples of how to use the built-in planter boxes on your site so that they serve both architectural and floral decoration of the landscape.

Here’s a great example of how you can combine beauty and practicality. The integrated flowerbed is also a bench. You can sit and enjoy the beauty of flowering plants.

And so, with the help of built-in planter boxes, you can decorate the terrace, using plants as an attractive fencing for zoning the site.

Here is another option to use the built-in planter boxes for the construction of a terrace.

But the functional bench, in the back of which are built-in planter boxes. Under the bench, there are drawers in which you can store a garden tool. Beautiful and practical.

For the organization of built-in planter boxes, it is not necessary to use a tree, concrete is also suitable.

You can use and available materials, such as railway sleepers.

But the patio area, flying out of concrete, which provides spaces for growing ornamental plants. A good way to dilute the grayness of concrete.

And here is another original bench with small built-in flower beds. This can easily be made by hand.