Lawn Care

Best Time To Seed Grass – Spring, Summer or Fall?

Experts advise to sow the lawn in the spring, in early May, or at the end of summer.
A suitable period is the end of autumn. When sowing grass, it is important to prepare the soil directly and then leave.

When do you plant grass seed

Types of lawns

Lawns are divided according to the type of disembarkation organization and structural composition, depending on the grass entering the lawn.

The main types of lawns:


Delivered in prepared rolls, including a set of specific elements for the growth of grass and the seeds themselves, evenly distributed by professionals for optimal growth within the framework of lawn space.


Includes a set of seeds for independent planting and distribution on the territory, prepared for the organization of the lawn.

Ready lawn

Lawn with the grass on the substrate, is delivered and planted by experts on the prepared soil.
Lawns are also divided according to the specifics of the formation, depending on the prevailing composition of herbs and decorative purposes.

Planting grass seed in the spring

The choice of the type of lawn is based on the personal preferences of the site owner, the specificity of the area intended for sowing, and the aesthetic characteristics expected of the lawn (in pure form, in combination with trees, with decorative flower beds, with park plants, with hedges, etc.).

Planting Grass In Spring: Pros and Cons

Spring sowing is considered optimal among specialists working with issues of landscape design.
The grass grows in the spring and summer, it can be processed properly, eliminated the shortcomings, ensure the health of the green cover and achieve the best possible characteristics for a long period of growth.

For the spring sowing of the lawn, active soil preparation is required. It will be necessary to struggle stubbornly with stones, stumps, features of a relief, to spend
Herbicide treatment against numerous weeds.
It will be necessary to ensure the richness of the soil and the optimal composition of the soil, introducing fertilizers and supplementing the soil with sand, lime, peat.
Plus of the spring planting – a stronger and more resilient lawn by winter.


What is the best temperature to plant grass seed

Spring grass requires careful care, haircuts, removal of growing weeds, correction of damaged points, protection against pests. Before sowing lawn grass two weeks – a month the land should stand under the steam.

Getting to winter a prepared, powerful and entrenched emerald cover that has accumulated a safety margin, with a formalized aesthetic appearance.
The spring lawn, which has lived the season, turns out to be powerful and viable.

Planting Grass Seed In Summer

At the end of summer, the earth warms up and absorbs the useful elements accumulated during the season. By the middle-end of summer, the aggressive characteristics of weeds become discolored and lose. In summer, the activity of insect pests gradually decreases and optimal conditions for seeding.

Preparing and clearing the territory for a lawn is convenient to spend in a warm period, on warm land. There is access to quality fertilizers to prepare a nutrient layer for the lawn. After the preparation and cultivation of the soil with herbicides, the land can stand longer under steam, and herbicides will lose harmful properties, which are dangerous for lawn grass.

Tips for planting grass seed in summer

Planted to the middle-end of summer, the lawn grass remains tender, does not have time to take root. There is not enough time to give the lawn the best kind of mowing and watering.
Summer grass is less prepared for frosts and freezing of the soil.

Advantages and disadvantages for planting grass seed in fall

Planting the grass in early September, try to effectively prepare the soil and carry out optimal care for the grass.
Before the frost, the green cover will rise, and after winter there will appear a winter-covered lawn under snow.
The second option is to plant lawn grass in the freezing ground before snow (late September-October). Sowing the lawn in autumn, you need to have time to process it before winter.

Pros of the second option:

Do not have to wait for seedlings in the end of the season, to process and mow them. In winter, the seeds will undergo the process of stratification, they will acquire an increased resistance to diseases and in the spring they will all go together in growth.
In autumn, feed the lawn and use mineral fertilizers with potassium and phosphorus.

When to seed lawn in the fall

Lawn Landing
The technology of planting a lawn does not depend on the period of sowing.
1. Clear land from stones, weeds, stumps and irregularities that damage the structure of the lawn. With the help of digging or herbicides, remove the weeds.
2. Adapt the soil, add manure, add peat, lime for optimal balance.
3. Leave the soil under steam from two weeks
Up to a month.
4. Before sowing, create a single level of surface, loosening the soil with rakes, and walk along it with a shaft, leveling and priming.
5. Evenly sow the grass
6. Mix seeds with the top layer of the earth using a rake.
7. Sprinkle the lawn abundantly, mow and weed out the weeds.
The choice of type of lawn and seeding time ultimately remains within the personal preference of the site owner.